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Agency for the Development and Promotion of Grand Inga (ADPI-RDC) is pleased to announce that a major decision relating to the development of the Grand Inga Project has been notified today to the two remaining consortiums of candidates in the selection process of the concessionaire for the Inga 3 Project, namely the consortium ProInga (led by ACS Servicios, Comunicaciones y Energia and Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios) and Chine d’Inga 3 (led by China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG)).

The two consortia involved have been invited, given their respective bids, the issues at stake and the relevant developments of the market and of the demand, to implement all usefull measures in order to merge into a single consortium that allows them to submit a single optimized offer.

As a reminder, the Inga 3 Project, of an unprecedented scale itself, is part of an even larger project named the Grand Inga Project which implies the development of several phases of the whole Inga site with an energy potential estimated at 42 000 MW. The Inga 3 Project thus offers a unique opportunity to produce, at extremely competitive cost, energy that would satisfy the demand of the people and the industries of the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic and of South Africa, under the Treaty entered into between the States in 2013, as well as the African market demand.

ADPI-RDC, on the behalf of the Democratic Republic of Congo, expresses its appreciation to all the parties that have participated in the selection process during the past few years, including the partners of the country’s development. ADPI-RDC thanks most especially the African Development Bank for its unreserved support to the Grand Inga project, particularly for its assistance in the execution of a feasibility study led by Edf and Aecom as well as the assistance of the advisors Orrick, Lazard and Tractebel.

With regards to ADPI-RDC: ADPI-RDC is the authority particularly tasked with the promotion, development and implementation of the hydroelectric project Grand Inga.


S.E. Bruno KAPANDJI KALALA, + 243 8478 36 182
Head of ADPI-RDC
Hopscotch Africa
M. Karl LAWSON, + 33 6 15 60 39 62
Account Director

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