How this Kenyan company saw an opportunity to link small-scale farmers with banks

Young Africans are also taking the lead in solving crucial economic and social challenges by leveraging on innovative communication tools. An example of one of these youths is Peris Borire from Kenya, co-founder of FarmDrive – a financial technology company using mobile application to collect and analyze data to help the risk assessment of smallholders farmer.


The economy of Africa is still hugely dependent on agriculture. Over 60% of its over 1 trillion people live in rural areas and the sector still accounts for 32% of the continent’s gross domestic product. The innovative solution of FarmDrive will definitely be a game-changer in the agro-space as it holds the potential to help the large pool of a crucial stakeholder (smallholder farmers) receive the necessary push to climb over the major obstacle to their growth. The ripple of effect of this support structure will change the present negative narratives as far as access to finance is concerned in the agricultural sector.

17 July 2017


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